Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Toys!

So one of my New Years resolutions was to clean out my email inbox and keep it clean.  January 1, I had over 3,000 unread email messages.

Yes, you read that right - over three THOUSAND.

After hours and hours of deleting, I managed to get down to ZERO unread messages.  And I am proud to say that 2 weeks into the new year, my inbox is STILL down to zero unread messages.  Not only have I been reading and deleting, I have also been going back and cleaning out old messages, categorizing recipes, and deleting ones I don't want any more.  I have found a few gems in my cleaning - long-forgotten pictures that have been sitting around collecting virtual dust, and an unused gift certificate for Sur la Table!

So...armed with my found money, I got myself a few new toys!

What is that strange orange triangle, you ask?  That, my friends, is a tagine.  A tagine is a cooking pot with a tall, conical lid that seals in moisture and makes deliciously tender stews and dishes.  It is used in Moroccan and North African cooking.  I have always wanted one, and now I do!  I'm SO excited!

The set (which was on clearance...woohoo!  Bonus!) came with the tagine, a cookbook, a jar of couscous, and a jar of preserved lemons.  I also had enough to get a little jar of black truffle salt.

Stay tuned - a delicious tagine post will definitely be coming soon!!  :)

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