Friday, March 22, 2013

Food Prep Friday!

It's Friday!

Like everyone else in the world, Friday is me favorite day of the week.   But unlike everyone else, this is not just because Friday starts a blissful, relaxing weekend.   In fact, Friday for me is the busiest, most exhausting day of the week.   Friday means my food prep class!

Today's class was on meat...specifically, lamb and beef. 

On the lunch menu today was an Amuse Bouche of porcini deviled egg, sofrito surprise, and frizzled shallot.

We then served an appetizer of fried green tomato with goat cheese and bacon jam.

My friend Casey and I were in charge of salad.   We chose a mix of spring greens with spinach, candied pine nuts, dried fruit and a sherry vinaigrette, topped with a beautiful lamb chop and some chimichurri sauce.

For the entree, we served marinated flank steak, fresh asparagus, and roasted fingerlings with a veal-tomato glace.  I didn't get a picture of the plated entree, but here are all of the components!

For dessert, there was a dessert buffet with a Buche Noel (what else would you eat in March??), orange chiffon cake, hazelnut crunch bars, and jelly roll.

Everything was delicious, and once again, the kitchen was a ton of fun.  I love this class!  (It doesn't hurt that I brought home a TON of cake...the kids are going to love that!!

Lessons learned today:
1.  Cutting yourself while doing dishes hurts.

Lessons the dingbats in my class need to learn:
1.  Don't put knives in the sink and leave them there.  Especially chef's knives.  Especially point-up.  The person doing dishes does not know it is there, and WILL reach in and cut themselves.

Great day today, and it's not even over.  I have a Pampered Chef party at my wonderful sister in law's house.  We are doing all desserts...I can't wait!! :)

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