Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A special treat for my love!

Tonight, I made a special treat for my wonderful husband.  His favorite dessert - cheesecake!  I even made it with a nut crust and Splenda instead of sugar for my diabetic sweetie.  It turned out pretty well!!

I have had these cute little heart-shaped springform pans forever, and haven't used them.  Are they not the cutest little things ever??

And now...on to the cheesecake!!

The Cast:
Melted Butter
Cream Cheese

First, I took the almonds and Splenda for a little spin in the food processor to grind them up.  Then, I added some melted butter and mixed them together.

I put some of the nut mixture in each pan and pressed it down using my Pampered Chef Mini Tart Shaper, then threw them in the oven while I made the cheescakey filling.

Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla went into the food processor and took a quick little whirl.

I divided the filling up between the 3 little pans and smoothed them out a little.  So pretty!

Here they are after 30 minutes in the oven.  A little bit cracked...because my cheesecake ALWAYS cracks. I am just too lazy to do a water bath, but maybe one of these days...  Until then, we just don't pay those cracks any attention!!!

Before I tell you how they tasted, please observe a moment of silence for one fallen soldier who perished at the hands of the clumsy cook...


And now...the verdict...

Once I could tear my honey away from his cheesecake long enough to let me know how it was, he proclaimed it to be...

"Guilt-free and delicious!!"

Now...what ELSE can I make in those cute little pans??


  1. That looks DELISH!!!!! How about mini lemon cheesecakes cakes?

    1. I thought about that! Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me until AFTER I put them in the oven...lmao

  2. Super cool!

    (but yanno, the next time you want to throw one away... you DO have an official "dregs disposal");)

    1. I didn't WANT to throw one away...in fact, I was very tempted to hunker down on the floor with a fork, but I was afraid I'd get caught! ;)

    2. LMAO @ hunker down on the floor...I think I would've!!!